Gail tested a Chevron GR8 at Donington yesterday with a view to doing some GT Cup races this season.

"I was really looking forward to trying out the relatively new Chevron GR8 GT car at Donington on Friday 17th February. The car is very light being just over 700kg and has around 250bhp from its Cosworth Duratec engine, a rather nice combination when added to a 5 speed sequential box, grippy tyres and brakes big enough to stop a 727. The day did not start quite as well as I had hoped when the drizzle became persistent and the grip from the Pirelli slicks became non existent I ended up sliding toward the tyre barrier!

Luckily not too much damage to the car and far more to my pride. The day was constantly interrupted by stoppages of one sort or another but a session on treaded tyres in damp but drying conditions began to reveal what potential this car has (or should that be what potential I have behind the wheel).

The steering is unbelievably light compared to my much heavier classic Jag saloon and the car was a bit twitchy with tyres that did not give the required grip in such conditions.

The best session of the day later on, back on slicks, was transformational in the level of grip and confidence that the car inspired. Having been somewhat tentative in the damp I was really starting to have some fun and building up confidence when yet another stoppage, this time a Radical flying off, brought my day to an end.

I have tested several other cars in recent years and the Chevron was mightily impressive, very easy to drive with no obvious vices as far as I could tell. I will now be working hard to try and raise sufficient funds to get one out on track and compete in the GT Cup.

Thanks to Helen and all at Chevron cars, David and Jordan Witt for their hospitality and making a most enjoyable day."