BWRDC 50th Anniversary Awards

Gail attended the BWRDC 50th Anniversary awards luncheon held at the BRDC Suite in Silverstone. A host of well known people from the world of motor sport were in attendance including Colin Hilton CEO of the MSA, Patty McLaren-Brickett, stuart Turner and Frederic Viger, head of programming for MOTORS TV.

Gail received the Anita Taylor trophy for best performance by a Saloon Car driver from Patty McLaren-Brickett and the Hillwood Jewellers Coupe Des Dames Trophy from Val Adaway. She also got a rather nice peice of jewellery donated by Norman Hillwood. this was the third time Gail had won this particualr trophy for most wins and lap records in a season.

Gail was also runner up in the Goodwin trophy second to Sarah Reader.

'It was very nice to kick off the new year with a such a great day out at Silverstone. Some of the stories from the guests were most entertaining and then to pick up a few pots and get some coverage on MOTORS TV too all helps to raise the profile of women in motor sport, the BWRDC and it doesn't do me any harm either.

Gail's new season starts in April and she can't wait.